More About Me

Hailing from the Midwest, where contracts are one page and a handshake, David has taken that same honest approach and customized it with a personable, ever-sharpening business acumen to build a successful real estate career. Relocating to Los Angeles in 1997, he eventually obtained his real estate license in 2002. Since then, David has served as a Real Estate Agent & Investment Consultant, all the while building a strong network of clients, investors and developers.

David now has nearly 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and holds a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation, allowing him to work with an extremely diverse group of clientele. His broad range of specialties include marketing and selling both residential and commercial listings, using proven methods as well as employing creative, fresh ideas. David enjoys helping first-time buyers find their dream homes while simultaneously managing sophisticated investors, expertly negotiating win-win scenarios for all parties.

While his accomplishments may revolve around selling properties, it’s his philosophy about people and relationships that truly sets David apart. “All people are connected by the six degrees of separation phenomenon, and I have pursued each individual as if there were the most important human being on the planet. This is what I feel to be my greatest realization in life, along with the element of synchronicity.”

With a Business Marketing degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, David honed his skills through working as a merchandise buyer, wine broker, catalog manager, A&R representative, and recording artist. Being a professional musician, negotiating deals and record contracts was prime exposure for him back at age 24. He still utilizes those valuable past experiences to the advantage of his clients to this day, and prides himself on being adaptable to many situations and personalities – which is essential to doing business in the greater Los Angeles area!

Highly knowledgeable of the local markets, David is a homeowner in the West Hills area of California since 2008. He previously resided in Sherman Oaks as well as Marina del Rey. David also holds several personal investments in real estate. His favorite pastimes include cooking, writing, sports, movies, and performing as a percussionist/vocalist throughout Southern California concert venues.